Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Fun Stuff

I started weaving last year. I believe I like weaving because it is so orderly. Neat and tidy. Row after row of nothing but straight lines. Oh, there are beautiful pieces out there that are free form and "disorderly", but if I never want to go there, I. Don't. Have. To. I can stay busy and happy weaving straight lines as long as I want and no one, including me, will ever be bored. Weaving also requires very cool toys :-).

The sample in this picture is being done on my 8 harness Baby Mac loom. This is an overshot pattern called "Fish on the Pond". There are two more variations besides the two I have finished so far, but I'm still learning this blog thing and needed to make a test post and wanted to show my friend Debbie what I was working on. This sample is to test patterns and colors for a table runner I'm designing for our "fish" room. I'll post the final product at some point in the (hopefully) near future.

1 comment:

nancyneverswept said...

Not Bad At All!!! Nice and square, even beat. Keep it up, and consider yourself patted on the back!


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