Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Meanwhile Back At The Wool House

20 has taken over shipping out orders because he says I'm disorganized and make too many mistakes.  Fine by me! The house is pretty disorganized as well...just sayin', 20 ;-).

20 has a stack of packages for me to take to the post office this afternoon and now that he's on board, we are hoping to be completely caught up by tomorrow except for a couple of special orders.  Hay feeding season started two nights ago and it's amazingly comforting to know that the farm calendar sales will cover that bill and at least part of the straw bill.  

Thank you all so much!!! 


Shirley said...

It's always nice when something you produce covers your hay bill. Selling Drifter allowed me to buy hay to last a year for my 5 other horses.
20 looks very helpful!

Karen at longwell said...

I just received my calendar and am thrilled! What an incredible feat to pull together lovely photos of your farm family past and present! Thank you for them - you have given me such a sense of peace and hope as I follow a year of photos. Your farm is a beacon of consistency - always rising up! Thank you!!!

Far Side of Fifty said...

I am sure 20 will get it all done! :) Fun seeing everyone with their hay!

Febe Anouk said...
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