Friday, June 5, 2020

So Hot. So Humid.

It was this hot and humid yesterday.

It's going to be even hotter next week!

Big Moose has the craziest eyes.  Always perpetually startled.  They make him easy to spot, but you don't need to see his eyes to find him.  He's always right in front of you :-).


Cheryl West said...

I always check KY temps in the paper and worry it will be a tough day for your farm family.
So much rain as well. It must feel like the tropics. Pina Coladas for all?

I need orange said...

That's how I feel about HOT, too, Moose. You're "speaking" for all of us.

Far Side of Fifty said...

You all need snowcones! Summer in Kentucky is yucky...not sure how you all do it. Stay safe! ;0

Terry and Linda said...

We got up to 102* yesterday, then a big storm blew in and today...a humid but lovely day.

Love your family of sheeps

sophy0075 said...

Poor Big Moose. I know how miserable he feels. I feel the same way. It’s just the start of summer. We will have this sauna-like weather through September. Which brings me to the question- why on God’s green earth would anyone *want* to sit in a sauna?


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