Saturday, April 4, 2020

Whatchu Doin' Lady?

I'm taking pictures of cute lambies like you!

And then I grab one for some snorgling :-).

Thanks for the pictures, Miss B!

A couple of cute lambs from the nursery pen at Final Frontier Farm, Paris, KY


Michelle said...

I just love getting to see photos of YOU, dear friend!

Far Side of Fifty said...

love that first photo!1 It is so YOU! I am envious of the snorgeling...those lambs are so cute:)

Cheryl West said...

The best Spring tonic is seeing these photos of new lambs. I cannot wait for videos of them spronging around.

Terry and Linda said...

Love seeing you, Sara. And, of course, those darling little lambs!

knitski said...

Great photos and nice to see Sara in there too! Just a nice piece of cuteness!

I need orange said...

Awww. Makes me happy, thinking of you at lamb camp. :-)


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