Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Lamb Camp - Kitchen Edition

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My name is Early.  I was born on Saturday.  I wasn't early.  I was actually late.  My mom had my brother almost four hours before she had me.  That's very unusual.  Of course by then no one was watching for me and my mom was pretty confused and it was pretty cold out and I nearly died.

I got cleaned up and tube fed some warm colostrum and held on a warm lap in the "warming oven" also known as "the old blue truck" with the sun shining in on me and I finally came around.  I have a warm wool jacket to wear, too.

Of course, between my strange birth and the time it took to get me revived, my real mom decided I was better off in the truck, so thecrazysheeplady brought me home and now I live in the kitchen with her.  I'm doing okay now she thinks, but I know everyone was pretty worried about me.

We still go to Lamb Camp farms during the day and I stay in the back of the car when she's busy.  I have lots of snuggly straw there and she comes out to check on me and give me babas and when there's a good break, I get to come to the barn and play with my cousins.

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A post shared by Sara Dunham (@thecrazysheeplady) on

Last night I got to go to our barn and play for awhile.  I met some of the big sheep and they seem pretty cool.  A sheep named Big Moose was really excited to play with me, but my mom said I was too little and I'd have to wait until I got bigger.




Michelle said...

I had one of those late twins, but fortunately his mom accepted him!

I need orange said...

Glad to see him lookin' so bouncey!!! Good boy, Early!

tpals said...

I love when you have a kitchen lamb!

Denny144 said...

OMG he is cuteness personified. Those little sideways hops are the best. We all need to turn off the news and watch lamb videos.

LynnT said...

Are you going to leave his tail long, so you can have twin propellers with Maisie?

Benita said...

Those pink ears slay me.

sophy0075 said...

I agree with Denny144! There isn't any new "news" anyway. Looking at cute lamb photos, baking, knitting, spinning are a heck of a lot healthier to do and more fun!

Terry and Linda said...

This is the best thing ---YAY another baby for you and for us!

LannieK said...

Things that come early are always good ~ especially for a bottle lamb named Early. You are loved by many already.

Anonymous said...

I have followed your blog for a few years and I don't even have sheep. Love your farm and animals. I lost my dog a month ago, it is hard I don't know how you do it, you have had several losses the past year. I also view your instagram but today I am blocked by it I do not have an account but was always able to view it.



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