Monday, August 12, 2019


It's been a week since I last posted...and it's been a week.  We're all okay, basically, but the summer has taken a toll on everyone around here...except maybe Saint Tim...who's a summer loving freak...and that's all I'm saying about that...freak ;-).

Hank has had issues with the heat and also has an ulcerated lesion on an elbow that doesn't want to heal.  Salt ended up with an abscess on a foot that is slowly healing.  Tilly still has her ongoing band aid butt.  Renny got an infected hair follicle on a foot that had to be lanced.  Big Moose got a cough that needed doctoring and now Frankie's got a hitch in his get-along.  I'm getting a hitch in my get-along just trying to doctor on everyone :-o.

So it's raining AND pouring...but not actually rain...which we could use.  How about some pictures of some of my birds, bees and butterfly plants?


Pink buckwheat.

White buckwheat - flowers and grains.

Milkweed mixed in with the white and pink buckwheat with some phlox from a friend in the background.

These are the short sunflowers.  Somehow I got some packets that were supposed to grow to 12' and 15' feet tall.  These are the 12's, but they are probably only 10' tall.

The 15's are probably only 12' but that's still a pretty darn tall plant and kind of fun.

I planted milkweed, dill and parsley for monarchs and swallowtails this year.  The birds and the wasps are getting all the caterpillars :-(.

I guess I should start bringing them in to the safety of the porch when I find them, but honestly...I am mentally and physically maxed out right now...and I feel bad about that...on top of everything else.  Maybe things will settle down this week and operation caterpillar rescue can commence.

A friend posted on IG that every day there is "one less day of summer".  We (except Saint Tim) are feebly counting it down to ZERO.


Linda said...

Breathe. Care for yourself. You got this :-)

Leslie said...

Ugh. Too much to deal with. Hope it all winds down soon. Take care.

sophy0075 said...

Everyone down here is so tire of being so hot. And melting from the humidity. I’m supposed to start selling fall clothes next week. In 90+ heat and ridiculous humidity. HA. No. Way.

Sorry for all the afflictions. Everybody get well.

Rebecca said...

Where did you find buckwheat seed? And pink, wow

Marsha said...

We saved our first caterpillar last week and I noticed another today. I hope everyone heals up nicely.

knitski said...

Well, dang it all that is a lot on your plate and no fun! My only reprieve from summer is coming back up to AK where it is now raining a lot.

Cheryl West said...

I check the weather map daily and your heat has been relentless. I am so sorry to hear of all the ailments and hope you are all healed physically and emotionally very soon.
I have always looked forward to summer to enjoy our garden but with age I find it harder to work outside in the heat. Here's hoping for a cooler and beautiful September.

Terry and Linda said...

I right there with Saint Tim....I dread this count down to fall. Now for Terry, he is right there with YOU!

Gosh, I feel bad about all the illnesses. I hope this coming week is much better for you and the critters!

By the way, your yard is lovely.

As for the pink buckwheat...I'm loving mine! You also planted white. Next Year I will plant white!

Laura L. said...

Oh no, everyone take care and you too Sara. Love, love, love your flowers. I'm going to have to look at buckwheat-pretty interesting. Your sunflowers are so pretty. And I'm kind of with Saint Tim-liking summer.

thecrazysheeplady said...

The pink buckwheat came from Baker Creek Heirlooms Seeds. I didn't have super great luck with germination...but the birds probably helped with that as well :-/.

LannieK said...

Beautiful blooms! Your sunflowers are way taller than my 8" twiglets. I was hoping by now that Hank would be doing better. Wishes for fast healing and cooler temps! It's less than 3 weeks till Labor Day - that should make you feel better. (just don't tell St Tim)

Michelle said...


Sandy said...

It's late evening now....I hope everyone is settled in the barn and you are getting some much-needed rest. Tell those furry children of yours that this is not a contest! There is no prize for getting the biggest boo-boo, although there may be a cookie or two for being a willing patient. Speaking of cookies....tell them that bigger vet bills equals fewer cookies! (Gasp!!)

And tell Saint Tim I will appreciate his love of warm weather when it is mid-February! Until then, I reserve the right to wilt and whine loudly!!

Tyche's Minder said...

When I first started reading your blog, I just couldn't get how anyone could hate summer and actually *prefer* winter. Then I got my own sheep. And now, 6 or 7 years on, I totally get it. I dread June, I despair in July, I hang on barely in August and really, September can not come fast enough. I even look forward to snow. Life's just weird I guess.

Far Side of Fifty said...

You sound good to you so you can carry on being the caretaker! Hope everyone heals up! You are a good doctor upper:)

Judy said...

I'm sorry, it sounds like you had quite the week. I hope that you can find time to put your feet up, and do what makes you happy.
Take care,


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