Saturday, March 2, 2019

At The Ceremonial Start

This is my seventh Iknitarod!  I always have to like to go back and count - Marcel/Woolliam, Keebler, Maisie, Baaxter, Liddy/Buddy, Baaxter and now Muffin/Biscuit/Mrs. Pepperpot.  

Each race has been different, but they've all been fun.  I've learned a lot about knitting each year.  I've learned a lot about mushing.  I've made some great new friends and we've enjoyed challenging ourselves and cheering each other on. 

I treat the Iknitarod very seriously.  Well, not like life and death seriously, but definitely seriously as in embracing the spirit of the Iditarod race itself.  I enjoy thinking about it throughout the year, planning my race.  I push myself to do something hard.  I choose my team carefully.  I get as prepared as possible.  

And on race day eve, I pack my sled.

My race map this year is the Dreyma sweater by  I took a bunch of pictures of the yarn and the color gradients (yes, there are colors if you look closely) and thought I'd already downloaded them to post here...but I haven't.  I'll include those in a future post.  

Before each Iditarod race, for a fundraiser they auction off the sleds for each musher and the winners  (IditaRiders) gets to ride in their musher's sled for the 11 mile Ceremonial Start. For the last several years I've carried a mascot in my sled throughout the race. My IknitaRider this year is that sweet little sheep I picked up off the road last summer.  

I didn't think sending a sheep to Nome wearing acrylic was a good idea, so I knit her a little wool poncho featuring some pattern colors and thereby getting to practice the increase stitch I was going to need to use for the sweater pattern.  I think she'll be toasty warm :-).

Muffin and Pepperpot came to watch the sled packing, but they won't be riding along.  The trail can be messy and dangerous (Oh, Graham, how we miss you!) and I would hate for something to go wrong.

Packed and ready...and without further ado...

This might be my favorite ravatar to date.  Like a Dreyma (dream), Biscuit and Muffin and I are at the Iknitarod, watching the Northern Lights and staring up at a bright shining star (Mrs. Pepperpot).  I have my hand on their backs to let Mrs. P. know I'm taking good care of her babies.

My project is too big, my hands are too sore.  Still, the pattern with it's bright shining star yoke is perfect and the ravatar is so sweet I just want to stand there forever...and so we once again hit the trail.  

*      *      *      *      *

The Ceremonial Start begins at 2:00 p.m. EST today.  I believe you can watch live for free on .  If you enjoy that coverage and want to watch video updates throughout the race (these are so fun!), I encourage you to sign up for one of the Insider packages.


Cheryl West said...

Mush on! Have a wonderful race. After all your careful preparation: beautiful yarns, lovely pattern, sweetest mascot and Ravatar you should be a winner.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Have a great race! That sweater is beautiful. And I love the poncho too. Good luck.

LannieK said...

Beautiful, in each & every way ~
Let's head to Nome!

JaneJMtl said...

Best of luck in the Iknitarod, Sara! You have all the essentials: a super team, a beautiful sweater pattern, a cute little mascot snug in her adorable poncho, and a really great ravatar. Mrs. Pepperpot, Muffin and Biscuit are my favourite sheep (with all the rest close behind). Mush on!

MarmePurl said...

Best. Ravatar. Ever.

knitski said...

I love your project and your ravatar of course. I was just out with the dogs and there were just a bit of northern lights coming down from the north. Love seeing our ski team hat in your photo! If anyone is interested in following the Unalakleet Checkpoint, I will be keeping my blog up to date with happenings out here on the trail.

I need orange said...

"I have my hand on their backs to let Mrs. P. know I'm taking good care of her babies."

Aw. [tears]

Mush on!

sophy0075 said...

I agree with MarmePurl!

Gosh, you forgot to pack some chocolate. Or are you giving that up for Lent?

Far Side of Fifty said...

Mrs P will be watching you! Best of luck on the race! :)

Renee said...

I cannot help but admire the lovely scenes on your couch fabric! Beautiful - and only you could find something so perfectly fitting :-)


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