Thursday, September 13, 2018

It's That Time Of Year Again

Time to figure out which picture of Comby sleeping is going to make the farm calendar this year ;-).


  1. Any photo of Comfy is good enough for the calander in my oinion :D

  2. Well - my brain went right to the Greeen Bay Packers when I saw your post -- LOL!! Comby does have that lovely golden color going for him - GO PACK GO!

  3. I agree, any photo of Comby is a great addition to the calendar. Maybe a page in quarters for all four cats.

  4. I love his paws tucked under. He's a good fellow. Cannot wait to see the new calendars.

  5. No one enjoys sleeping as much as a cat. Comby has it down to a high art.

  6. I love Comby! He is such a character!


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