Saturday, December 30, 2017

Warm Winter Sun

It can be way down in the teens, even single digits, and as long as it's not windy and the sun is shining, it feels warm to me. Some more pictures from the Del Boca Vista Distraction Party the other day.


Heidi - who's foot is all better now since I popped a big mud ball from between her toes after the Boxing Day cookie party :-).

That is Muffin (!) standing just to the right of Levi in the foreground.


Bullwinkle, Levi and Spud


The Sheep Chicken and Woolliam

A little slice of heaven...and two new puzzles :-).  



Cheryl West said...

You have the most beautiful family!
I hope the sun continues to shine to help a bit with this cold. Your grass looks so lush for this time of year.
Stay bundled up and warm yourself.

Linda said...

It does look warmer than it probably is. Biscuits fleece looks different than the others. What breed is he?

Jo said...

Oh I just love seeing Maisie, Levi, Biscuit, Spud; all of your sheep chillen. And the Sheep chicken with Woolliam with the most interesting hairdo. Thanks for sharing. Happy New Year to you all. Greetings Jo (South Africa)

Shirley said...

I was going to ask the same thing as Linda. I like Biscuit's fleece!

Grey Horse Matters said...

They all look very happy. Love the sheep chicken!

thecrazysheeplady said...

Biscuit does have a beautiful fleece. He's actually basically the same breed mix as Muffin. They have the same father (Border Leicester/CVM/Cotswold/... cross) and the two moms were similarly bred (some Wensleydale/Cotswold/Texel/... crosses). The two baby fleeces are quite different though. Muffin looks like she has a baby afro :-D. Biscuit has more Fabio hair. There dad came from Nistock Farms so they are somewhat similar breeding to quite a few sheep in our flock. Because they are all "mutts" they are all slightly different though. Something for everyone! :-D

sophy0075 said...

They all look warm. Proof of the wonderful insulating powers of wool (and Sheep Chicken feathers)!

I think your “mutts” have the best characteristics of all of those breeds - staple, strength to softness ratio, a bit of short n, perhaps, and some with color!


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