Sunday, December 17, 2017

Oh, For Good Green Grass Sake

Allie has been looking for a new buddy to hang out in Del Boca Vista with her.  Lila is a perfect choice.  She's old and creaky and not super pushy and wouldn't knock Allie down trying to get all the food.  She refuses.  Oh, she'll go in, eat a bit and then Wants Back Out.

Mrs. Pepperpot has not been handling the cold weather very well and she too would make a perfect choice.  She's even older and creakier and even less pushy.  I figured once she caught a whiff of that still lush green grass she'd be all about it.  And maybe if Pepperpot was in there with her, Lila would be happier.

Allie is Elizabeth's daughter.

Everyone looks pretty happy, gobbling green grass.

Everyone else?  Not so much.  "Hey lady let us in there!"

"Not a chance, chumps."

But that was about the end of it.  When dinnertime rolled around I had two unhappy old gals, Muffin looking for her mom, Biscuit running amok and I just gave up.  I know who's really in charge around here.

New puzzle up.  Enjoy!


Cheryl West said...

It's hard to please everyone. I hope someone works out so that Allie has a roommate soon.
Maybe the Christmas spirit will cause a change of heart to share the grassy goodness.

Grey Horse Matters said...

I’m sure they’ll sort it out soon. Love your green grass, ours is presently covered in snow;(

sophy0075 said...

Your grass is so green in Del Boca Vista it looks like spring.

I hope the personalities will mesh. Writing as an old lady, I can
confirm we do get rather set in our ways.

Marilyn F. said...

Thanks for the great sheep pictures and humorous commentary. Great to wake up to any day of the week. Happy Holidays to you and yours (sheep included).

Terry and Linda said...

GREEN GRASS! So unheard of for us this time of year!

Shirley said...

I bet all the other sheep would be willing to do a trial rotation to search for ALlie's Next Best Buddy.... at least, as long as there is still green grass there!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Hope a friend is found for Allie soon. No fun to be by yourself even if your grass is beautifully green:)


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