Sunday, November 26, 2017

Happy Birthday, Maisie!

That's Biscuit and Lila in the background.

"Yeah, it's mah birthday!"

"I get a whole Cheerios cake all to myself!"

(While wearing her birthday crown ;-)

"Hey, Betsy.  Glad you could make it.  I saved some cake for you."

"Um, thanks...I guess."

Who IS this calm, friendly looking sheep?

Biscuit was very confused about Maisie wearing a crown and getting all the attention.

Look at that face, peeking through the fence!

"That's a really cool looking crown, Maisie.  I thought only me and Muffin got to wear crowns."

"Should I show him what I do with stupid crowns?"

Yeah, that's the birthday girl we all know and love ;-D.

Don't feel too sorry for Biscuit and Lila.  Everyone got to celebrate Maisie's birthday.  More pictures tomorrow.


ElaineChicago said...

Happy Birthday, Massie!! I'm just happy you didn't Tryon to tip Miss Stella's stool over!

ElaineChicago said...

Bad tablet spelling. It's Maisie and try!!!

Sheepmom said...

Awesome birthday party! I love the crown - clever construction to secure it around her ears. Maybe it's velcro strapping? hahaha Be sure to let Stella wear it on HER birthday! Looking forward to the rest of the party pics.

Windswept Farm said...

I love the pictures and especially the captions. Oh, the look on Maisie's face prior to bashing the crown.

Susan said...

I cannot believe she is five already! Where has the time gone? Where has that tiny, teeny little lamb gone? At least the attitude is still there... :)

Karen Haggas said...

This post just made my Whole Day! Happy Birthday Maisie!!!! Love your faces :-)

Terry and Linda said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Maisie! I can't believe you are FIVE!! Five is a very good number to be!

Katherine Littrell said...

Maise is already five? Say it ain't so. Love that girl!!! Makes me laugh out loud every time :)

Kathi Littrell

sophy0075 said...

Until that “crown-bashing” photo, I was wondering whether Our Dear Girl had mellowed.


Grey Horse Matters said...

Happy Birthday Maisie! Love all the pics. So cute looking through the fence. I’m surprised she kept her crown on so long.

LannieK said...

Thats my girl! Crown-less & all Happy Birthday MM!
(Try & be a good girl)

Shirley said...

Happy birthday Maisie!

Mrs Shoes said...


Far Side of Fifty said...

Happy Birthday Maisie...hardly seems like she should be five already:)


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