Friday, November 3, 2017

2017 Hug A Sheep Day Party - Wrap Up

Amy took so many great pictures.  Here are some more favorites:

Looking at this picture you'd think Biscuit was Mrs. Pepperpot's natural baby and Muffin was the adopted kid.  While both Pepperpot and Biscuit enjoyed eating cookies, Muffin LOVED Hug a Sheep Day.  

I've had a couple questions about the dog biscuits.  Even though Chocula and Murphy would probably eat dog biscuits, those were for Hank, June, Kate and Tilly/Weaslie ;-).

And while it wasn't actually quite this dark and ominous, it was that cold.

But the Wool House was toasty and there was a heated contest with the Lego Sheep Shearing game including some people (not pictured here) later in the day who may or may not have cheated a bit ;-).

Back in the barn.  Neither Biscuit or Pepperpot volunteered for a second or third tour of duty, but Muffin happily marched back in.  Little kids?  Who might have cookies?  No problem!

Two sweet little girls...and Woody, trying to steal their cookies!


It looks like Woody and Murphy know they are being upstaged by Miss Personality ;-).

Tilly and Kate:  "Is it over?"

Nope, a couple more fun friends braved the cold.

Poor grumpy Spud didn't want to have his picture taken.  That beautiful yarn is his.  He could have shown a little more enthusiasm :-o.  Kids...

All in all it turned out to be a very nice day to hug some sheep.  Feed some sheep some cookies.  Get mugged by sheep for cookies.  Or just watch sheep out in the field.  A huge thank you to everyone who came out and a super huge thank you to Amy for taking so many fun pictures for everyone who had to hug/feed/get mugged vicariously :-).

Remember - every day is a great day to hug a sheep!


Michelle said...

Amen – to Amy and the "every day" comment!

Cheryl West said...

It certainly looks like a great party and wonderful that Miss Muffin was the ambassadress of the day for the farm.
Thank you to Amy for all the terrific photos.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Looks like a fun day with great pictures taken by Amy. I wished I lived closer so I could hug a sheep and feed get mugged for cookies. How do you stand the cuteness everyday, they're all so special.

Far Side of Fifty said...

I enjoyed all the Hug a Sheep photos! I am so glad the weather held for you! What fun for everyone! :)

sophy0075 said...

Sheep should be hugged every day- especially on cold ones! I’m glad your event was a success. I hope everyone had enough (as far as their SheepMom is concerned) treats.


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