Thursday, July 6, 2017

Good Morning!

These pictures were all taken at the same time.  Well, not at the exact same time, but within a minute or two ;-).  I love how the light changes color.  The horses were shot with the sun just off to the left of center/in front of me.  I turned to the right about one quarter turn to take the pictures of Hank.

And then back again.  The horses had also moved a little further to the left, towards the sun.

Two new puzzles :-).



Cheryl West said...

Beautiful peaceful morning. Happy spinning today.

sophy0075 said...

The early morning fog is so beautiful, and so evanescent. Your photos are so comfortably peaceful. Thank you.

Terry and Linda said...

You live in a beautiful world!

LannieK said...

I can feel the moisture.... awww!
Beautiful photos!

LesMess Bucilova said...

Hank looks so majestic in this photo. Handsome man ;D

Michelle said...

Perfect capture of a foggy, Kentucky morning.


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