Monday, September 19, 2016

Watching The Chickens

Several weeks ago, something must have given the chickens quite a scare.  We have nine chickens. Two of the tiny banty hens have always slept up in the rafters. The other seven always sleep in the coop.  Well, they used to.  One night no one wanted to go in the coop :-o.  

There were confused chickens all over the barn.  Some were trying to figure out how to get up in the hay stacks.  Some were trying to find a quiet corner in the sheep stalls. The sheep were confused, too. What on earth were the chickens doing out in the dark?

After checking to make sure the coop was safe and secure, I gathered everyone up and put them back in, latching the door.  Chickens are early, early risers and as long as we'd felt everyone was safe, we left the door open so they could set their own wake up schedule.  The door had been open for years.

After settling everyone in, I took Hank's dinner out to the back barn lot.  "Hey, Hank.  Keep an extra eye on the chickens tonight.  I think something scared them pretty bad last night."  As I turned to go back to the barn, Hank followed me.  He walked down the barn aisle, through the tack room, stopped at the back door (the coop is just outside the tack room) and stared at the chickens.

First off, I don't think I've ever seen Hank even go into the tack room.  Second, to do so he left his dinner unattended.  The real mystery, however, is how he knew what I was talking about and without questioning, just said "Yes, ma'am, I'm on it."  

There are college graduates that couldn't put all that together!

Hopefully this puzzle shows up.  Let me know if it doesn't!

Enjoy :-)


  1. A week or so ago on the news there was a report that scientists believe that dogs have a much larger vocabulary than originally thought. Hank probably knew exactly what you were saying plus he's much smarter than the average b oops dog! Thanks for the puzzle.

  2. The man who trained London and wrote "London, the Dog Who Made the Team," and "Stop, Sit, and THINK" convinced me beyond a shadow of a doubt about the intelligence and vocabulary capacity of dogs. Unlike teenagers, who also have those things, dogs possess the desire to please us....

  3. I hope you get the critter! Must be some awful slinky predator!


  4. Hank is a smart boy! I hope he stops that nasty predator.

  5. Bless his heart....what a great dog!

  6. hank is super de duper smart! Frodo knows what I'm talking about whenever I mention squirrels, rabbits and birds. Oh and deer, he is tuned into them something fierce.

  7. Hank is a marvel! Could your chickens have had a run in with a possum? We had a possum go through the barn and the chickens were jumpy for days after. The cat helps and the roosters are super brave but the hens were still wary of the breezeway and the south pen in the barn where they usually scratch.

  8. I am certain that Hank understood every word you said to him. Dogs understand the tones of your words too, you may have had a concerned tone along with a word he understands Chickens! Hank is a hero! :)

  9. I hope you find out what is bothering the chickens. Nice to have a smart guard dog :)

  10. Oh Hank, you smart sweet boy!


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