Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Post A Picture Of Your [Dog]

A little change up for the blogging rule - "If you don't have anything else to post, put up a picture of your cat."

I cropped this down so Kate was centered.  But I wanted to leave as much of the sheep showing as possible.  Which makes the picture too narrow.  And I've been working on this for about 20 minutes. I am obviously too tired to be making photo decisions.  The heat and humidity is wearing me (and everyone else) down.

It's still a nice picture of Kate though.  There's also a fun video of her on my Instagram feed.  She's no dummy.  I think I probably need to join her :-).


  1. She is SO sweet! You both are lucky!

  2. She may be hot- but she's still smiling! What a beautiful girl.

  3. What a pretty, soft expression. :-)

  4. Pics of Kate are always welcome!

  5. I think she is darling! AND she is SMILING!!!


  6. AnonymousJuly 27, 2016

    I often save your beautiful pictures onto my work computer to be the wallpaper. I change them up as a pic comes long that touches me. Today, it is your doggie. Thank you for your blog :)

    Steph Randazzo

  7. Lovely girl has struck just such a wonderful pose!

  8. She is a beauty and has a happy look in her eyes:)

  9. That's a great photo of Kate! She's beautiful and such a happy girl :-)


I love to read your comments! Thank you for sharing :-).


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