Thursday, June 2, 2016

Telling Secrets

Bullwinkle is a good lambie.  I was working on the porch yesterday and he just tootled around the yard, eating grass, staying out of trouble.  This is not always the case.  Liddy was a good lamb. Baaxter was a bad lamb.  Maisie...very bad lamb ;-D.  

I love how Kate always sits with the yard sheep. 

"Hey, Bullwinkle, want to hear a secret?"  "Okay." "Spspsppssspspspppspsps." 



"What are you all talking about over there?!"

"Nothing, Miss Kate."

Wonder what they're up to...  It's a good thing they are all good lambies :-).


  1. Something so cheerful about watching the sheep and lambs. Makes going into the day brighter

  2. Sweet Kate! You should up date us on her, how long has she been with you now? I know she makes your life easier. Isn't it wonderful that she babysits lambies! :)

    1. She is the BEST with lambies! I need to get video of her letting Bullwinkle trying to rough house with her in the evenings when it cools off. So patient.

      Kate came her in November 2014. Time is flying by :-o.

  3. He is so mellow....and as for Kate she's a marvel!

  4. Oh my goodness, this is the cutest set of photos.

  5. such a beautiful setting and a lovely bunch of sheep (herd??) so sweet and fluffy!!

  6. Is it hot where you are? The lambs are talking about how lovely it feels in the shade. If they're like human lambs, they're trying to figure out how they can put one over on their (canine) baby sitter.

  7. Kate is such a good dog! She has the best life, green grass, cool shade, sheeps and LAMBIES!!!


  8. Spspsp spsps ppspsps

  9. What a cute series of pics! Love the stone sheep. Maybe they're playing Rumor, Rumor.

  10. You'll really need to start worrying when the yard sheep start moving around ...


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