Sunday, June 12, 2016

Sunday Snippets

One more breakfast shot :-).

A couple lavender puzzles for you to enjoy working while sitting in the AC.  I'm sitting out in the yard under a shade tree with Bullwinkle so he can get his grazing in.  It. Is. Hot.  But the company is good.  And occasionally the breeze is nice.

Sadly, when it gets this hot it usually means a storm is fixing to blow through.  This would be bad because 60% of our hay is on the ground.  How about some NO RAIN dances until it's safely in the barn. This is the first year we are going to get to feed (hopefully!) our own home grown hay and I'm going to be really sad if gets ruined.  

The first 100 bales smell so good in the loft :-).  I sure wish Smell-O-Vision really worked.  Between the lavender and the fresh cut hay...aroma therapy for sure.


  1. Oh weather don't rain on my hay! I can almost smell the hay and lavender. It seems it's always hotter than Hades when putting up hay. I can remember the hay mow was 30 degrees warmer than actual temp. Miss the smell but not the hard work.

  2. I hope you can get your hay inside before any more raindrops fall. I remember the wonderful smell of new hay from my grandfather's farm.

  3. Agree about the aromas! My aunt's family lived on a farm, and I remember the scent of new hay............ (also love lavender, of course)

    Hoping the next post is about successful baling and storage!

  4. I wonder if you fed hay with lavender in it to cows, you'd get milk that is calming... ;)

  5. Rain, rain go away
    Come on by some other
    hot summer's day!

    Stay, stay far away
    Just 'til all that hay
    is nicely stacked and put away!

    (Aww, you get the idea)

  6. Last week I alternated between hoping it stayed dry for 3 days to get the hay in...and wishing for rain for my gardens.

  7. Did both puzzles; loved 'em! Hope the weather is holding for you – and that WE get a good, soaking rain today for the garden.

  8. Cute pic!
    Good luck with your hay..we just got our first cut in the barn yesterday.


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