Thursday, December 3, 2015

Hank And Maisie (And Renny) Flip Book

I was toting some laundry from the camper to the Wool House early this morning (much like the pioneers did ha ha ;-) so I could capture as much sunlight today for line drying and saw Maisie grazing out next to Hank.

Cue classic cartoons sunrise music (and run grab the camera).

Before I had a minute to check my camera settings, Hank heard something he didn't like.  I started snapping.

"Time to go in, sheeps!"

Watch Renny immediately run right over to him.  Remember when I wasn't sure if she'd ever learn to trust him?

This would be a fun flip book.  Sorry the pictures are dark, but they're still priceless.

Renny's not as fast as Maisie.  No one is as fast as Maisie.  She's always been a speedy sheepy and she still loves to dig in and go, tail twirling, and it never fails to make my day :-).

Who'd have ever thought that Renny would be able to run so well.  She came in a few seconds in front of everyone else.

I think Hank looks like a hall monitor :-).


  1. wow! just like a movie scence.
    Global Bahçe -

  2. How cool! Did all the sheep come in? Wonder what Hank didn't like.... ?

    1. They did. Even the stragglers will come running when Hank tells them to. I'm not sure what was going on, but early in the a.m. someone could be headed back to a den or something.

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  4. Hank is a very good Hall Monitor!!

  5. Hank is very special! I love the pictures of him with the sheep. What a good guy.

  6. What an amazing dog! And lovely shots with that honey light.

  7. Delightful! Flip book indeed. Thanks for the great start to my day.

  8. And you thought Renny would never recover enough to be with the herd...that Miss Ewenice was something else taking such good care of Renny and you. You have some miracle sheeps:)

  9. What a wonderful smart Doggie, Hank is!


  10. What good sheepies they are! They know the drill and Renny is indeed special..OK OK so is Maisie :) Hank is amazing.

  11. Those truly are priceless pictures!


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