Friday, December 25, 2015

Dreaming Of A Wet Christmas

Just doesn't have the same ring to it ;-).  Two big puzzles (one easy-ish and one I think is going to be pretty tough, but fun :-) for today.  From the archives, because I think we'd all rather dream of a white Christmas.  

Remember, there are some buttons you can click on the bottom of the puzzle that might be of some help.  I haven't tried them, but I'm guessing the "image" button probably shows you what the puzzle is going to look like.  No clue on "ghost" or "arrange".  The arrow on the bottom right makes it bigger.

Have fun and Merry Christmas!


  1. I love the puzzles although I'm ridiculously slow at them! I try to do them without looking at the picture. The ghost button puts the picture up faintly and you work on top of it, so pretty helpful. The arrange button moves the loose puzzle pieces around so they lay different. These are so fun!

  2. I managed to do both of these, but boy oh boy, they were tough. All that white in the second one :-o. Good fun though!

  3. Took me forever to do the first one, will have to do some work now so will save the other for tomorrow afternoon while I wait to watch the Packers play! Hope you had a Merry Christmas - thanks for the puzzles!

    1. You are welcome :-). Hopefully we won't need the distraction DURING the game tomorrow :-o.

  4. Nice you have puzzle readers...........Love, me

  5. We actually have a sunrise for the second day in a row, although more rain is coming in this record-setting month. Thanks for the puzzles, and I hope you had a merry Christmas, house construction or not!

  6. Jester was tough! Took me 139 minutes. I kept coming back to it throughout the day. Maybe I will do the snow one tomorrow:)

  7. Oh thanks for the puzzles loved both :D

  8. These are super fun! Love them!

  9. 259:24 on Jester- man that took me a long time! Guess my brain is rusty, :(


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