Friday, July 31, 2015

Two Full Moons In The Same Month

Last night the full moon rose early, high in the still light sky.  I sat out for a good while watching it and enjoying the cool (for a change) evening air, smuggly plotting how I'd get a perfect shot the next day.  Just when I thought it couldn't get any better, the ISS (International Space Station) went whizzing across the night sky.

This evening it was completely dark (?!?) when the moon finally crested Stella's hill - not ideal for a good moon shot.  Tim was trying to finish mowing the upper paddock, so I tried for a picture of that. I like this one of him coming up the hill to the barn best - lots of bugs for our bats :-).  One of the fall full moons is called the Harvest Moon.  Maybe this is the Mowing Moon ;-).

It's actually a blue moon.  And while it looks tiny in this picture, in real life it was HUGE and I couldn't figure out a way to capture that at all.  I love watching the moon all month long, but I especially love a full moon.  Two full moons in one month is a special treat.  I hope everyone enjoyed it.

You might think my favorite blue moon song is Blue Moon of Kentucky, but it's actually Once In A Very Blue Moon, sung by Nanci Griffith.  The best version is from one of my favorite albums, One Fair Summer Evening.  Enjoy!


  1. I woke up around 3:45 AM and that big ole blue moon was shining right in my eyes. The video won't play for me, probably because I'm in Canada.

  2. I just love the inky blue sky in your photo. I've only seen the International Space Station go by just once. We were watching the 10:00 evening news when they said if you are in a dark, clear area you could see it in about 15 minutes. Well, there are so many big trees all around us here that we jumped in the car and raced up the hill to a clearing. Made it with 7 minutes to spare. Sat and stared at the sky for what seemed like an eternity. We were finally rewarded with seeing it go by. It was worth the crook in my neck!

  3. I enjoyed sitting on my porch watching the Blue moon rise over the mountain and then the ISS go by, with lovely glass of Kentucky bourbon in hand. What a treat on so many levels.
    I went to bed with that peaceful content feeling and woke at 5:23 to the image of 'sara's baskket of colors'' on my mind. Must have been dreaming something really wonderful.

  4. I love the pitch sky with the bright moon peeping over the trees I too, love the blue moon.

  5. One of my favorite songs, too. Was thinking of it when I saw the moon come up!

  6. I looked out while on a 3:30 am pee break, and it was crazy bright out there, lots of huge shadows thrown across the back lawn. I always imagine how light it would be out there if there had been snow on the ground. Must be thinking 'cool' thoughts during our hot spell!

  7. I like Blue Moon by the Marcels!


  8. BIG MOON here also.......ID, did see the space station once and told a friend how amazing it was (she has seen it multiple times) and her comment had something to do with them seeing US...........Paranoid? oh just a bit :)

  9. I missed it, but saw on the internet so I guess that counts, right? ha ha. Love your photo and thank you for sharing it with all of us!


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