Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Good Morning - Even Though It's Almost Noon

A drive by post. If I can make it through today and tomorrow, I'm hoping things will settle down. Stop laughing.

Three of my (many) favorite things - Kate, Liddy and our awesome smelling lilac bush.  Haven't they been wonderful this spring?  In fact, I have to own up to thinking this has been a really nice spring all around.  Nice and cool.  The red buds were light this year, but I'll take that over being too hot anytime!

Kate has done amazingly well with Liddy.  After so many years of unbelievably sweet service from Iris, I knew it would be really, really hard to find another Border Collie who'd tolerate having a lamb running loose around the house and yard.  That's not saying I don't watch them like a hawk momma sheep, but Liddy is respectful (mostly ;-) of Kate and Kate has been very kind to her.  Good girls!

Here are a couple of cute videos.  The first one was yesterday morning - there's Claire Bear again! The second was a couple of days ago.  It's amazing how fast she's growing :-o.

Yes, she's stopped to pee pee at the end.  And yes, she does that in the kitchen, too.  I keep a ton of old towels on hand and it all cleans up with no trouble at all :-).

Gotta run!


LL Farm said...

Soooooo cute...I love how she goes up and down the steps ;-)

Shirley said...

Watching Kate work Liddy- I would have her back off a bit and ask her to lie down - she is trying to drive Liddy to you, staying balanced at 12 o'clock to you. That's all good as long as that's what you want, but that little nip tells me Kate is being a little too determined to drive and if she must work could work from a little further away.

Alice said...

I'm no judge of dog- lamb bid space, but I enjoy how Kate works Liddy. She is very protective of her. Whats nice is that if you
had to run inside for a moment, kate could
watch her while you did so. What a great helper!

Alice said...


I need orange said...

Peace and quiet. And birdsong. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. :-)

Thanks for taking us along.

(Kate does seem just a bit *too* interested, doesn't she? As if not entirely sure what her role is, in re Liddy, but *fascinated*..... I was interested in how Kate paid no attention to Claire, but was fixated on Liddy. She's no dummy -- a cat is not a sheep...... :-) )

aarond said...

Love it. Wish I lived closer. I'm gonna come visit someday!

Pam said...

Only your devoted following would think that a video of a lamb peeing was the best thing ever.

YarnKettle said...

Wow Kate is intense. What is she trying to do? I feel like she is trying to herd Liddy, but I'm not convinced even Kate knows where she wants to put her.
Yep I just looked up focus in the dictionary and Kate's picture is right there.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Kate seems more accepting of Clair Bear than Liddy... I didn't like the little "love" nip either... but this is probably a new experience for Kate ...they will all learn. Chance would just hide behind a tree or bark his head off:)

T.L. Merrybard said...

I'm glad you're watching. Kate is trying hard to be good but I think she could easily get frustrated when Liddy won't act like a 'proper' sheep and do as she wants. Man, that is some "eye" she has there. :)

thecrazysheeplady said...

Normally I would not have let Kate get that close or bossy and yes, that nip was not acceptable and normally I'd have already corrected her before it even got to that point. I'd started panning the beautiful sunrise and then Hank out in the field and then Liddy playing on the step and Claire Bear and then Kate...and then the videoing stopped ;-).

Poor Kate is trying to "retire" after nine years of serious herding work and competition. She's doing a much better job at all this than many dogs would do, but you can see why I keep a close watch...and shouldn't have hesitated to tell her to back off just because the video was running. I'm learning...and lucky not the hard way!

Unknown said...

AND, Liddy is probably thinking.......GET THAT DOG OFF MY BACK/HEELS!! haha Kate did a great job and yes, Liddy is NOT behaving like a 'real' sheep according to Kate.

sophy0075 said...

I love how Claire Bear rubs her scent on Liddy to "claim" her, and then inserts herself between Liddy and Kate and givs Kate the "Don't harm this weird kitten; it is MINE" eye before moving away. Also love how Liddy is now mugging for the camera!

Terry and Linda said...

No lilacs here yet, I hope I have some and it doesn't freeze. Love your lamby

LannieK said...

Good Morning, and what a beautiful morning it is there!
Kate looks intensely inquisitive and can't wait for Liddy to be a tad bit bigger. I don't think it will be long ~ my she is growing!


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