Monday, March 9, 2015

Snow Boys

How about you all do the captions on these. Graham is easy because you can read him like a book :-D.  Best caption wins a Mug Shot Mug!


Lisa W said...

Um ... no, let's just wait for Mom to shovel :-)

Sandy said...

Yeah...unless you are going to use that shovel for cookies, we're not interested!

Windswept Farm said...

Picture 1: Hey! Does Hank know about this? Picture 2: What is it? Picture 3: That's OK, we don't need your help. Picture 4: I changed my mind, I'll help. Picture 5: Never mind, I didn't really want to help.

Auntie Reg said...

Baaxter "hey Gram can you use the shovel". Gram " Sure where did you park the space ship ? Doughnut Murphy " I can hardly wait to fly again- I don't think we ever going to see space ship again"

Lori Skoog said...

Where is Auntie Reg when you need her????

Tombstone Livestock said...

I think they all want to come to California.

Jean said...

One caption for any and all the pictures ; " Seriously! You want us to do what? . . . Right."

Marlaina McAlister said...

#1 What shovel? I don't see a shovel. #2 Oh, that shovel. #3 Hey. Where are you guys going? #4 Now listen real close and I will tell you how to use it. #5 Huh. He ain't tricking me.

Karen Battersby said...

Sara: Graham, it's your turn to shovel the snow, don't be all day getting it done.
Graham: hey, you, little guys...Sara says that I'm supposed to tell you to get all this snow shoveled. Hurry up and get it started.

Sarah said...

#1~ A shovel? Are you serious?
#2~ Go ahead. You're a big guy. You do the shoveling.
#3~ I'm out of here!
#4~ So how does this thing work, anyway?
#5~ Shovel? What shovel?
Love your photos!

Alice said...

#1 Folks, in just a moment I'm gonna show you this handy invention I came up with to remove snow!
#2 This is the Ranch Hand Poly Shovel! Guaranteed to get rid of all that white stuff!
#3 Let me see, I think I have a volunteer just waitin' to try it out! No.... I don't know if you got the strength like I got for shovelin'!
#4 I hate infomercials!

Lisa Smith said...

These are wonderful photos Sara! You have such a knack for capturing the moments and preserving them! I am going to just enjoy what your very talented readers submit for their captions, as I do not feel I could do these moments justice. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing shots with us!

Gail said...

#1 What did you say you were looking for?
#2 Look what we found!
#3 It kind of smells like.....I don't know, wool and wood!
#4 I have this itch right here by my ear, works really well to scratch it !
#5 It might not be nutritional but it quenches you thirst.

Terry and Linda said...

You have so much snow it's stunning!

Linda ★★

Tyche's Minder said...

You are having way too much fun.

Susan Mckee-Nugent said...

Oh, those comments were the BEST! So were the curious sheep photos..........too bad that's all they did, be curious and eat the snow off the shovel!

Susan Mckee-Nugent said...

Oh, those comments were the BEST! So were the curious sheep photos..........too bad that's all they did, be curious and eat the snow off the shovel!

Sheepmom said...

Pic 1 - "OK, you little boys stand back. Shoveling is a job for trusted, older sheep."
Pic 2 - "We can do it! C'mon, Graham, let us have a turn."
Pic 3 - "Well, maybe I can trade you a turn for some cookies." "Murphy! Run and get some cookies!"
Pic 4 - "Graham, somone ate our cookies! Can't we shovel without paying?" "Nope, no cookies - no turns shoveling."
Pic 5 - "I bet stupid-head Baaxter ate them all. Now we don't get a swell turn shoveling snow. We have to do clear it away the hard way. Sigh."
Pic 5 -

LannieK said...

First one, "I don't see a shovel!"
Second, "You should've at least tried using the shovel...."
Third, "Get more Cookies... that will help!"
Fourth, "Two heads are better than One!"
Last, "Ewe can't beat this"
(Great photos, Sara!)

MarmePurl said...


thecrazysheeplady said...

I couldn't pick a winner. They're all good!

thecrazysheeplady said...

From Cheri:

Just for fun, my captions (using Auntie Reg’s sheep ID, I can’t identify Murphy on my own)

1. Graham: Wait a minute, don’t we have a snow blower? A tractor with a blade? Anything?

2. Graham: Tim Allen was right. What we need here is more power.

3. Baxter: There is NO power, come on back, you wimp.

4. Graham: I don’t like it when you depreciate my abilities with power tools.

5. Murphy: Thanks for leaving the power tools in the shed, mom.


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