Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Scenes From The Iknitarod Trail

I started on one porch, moved to the Wool House porch and then out to the field.  If it's got to be stupid 73 degrees, I guess you just embrace it.  At least the sheep were happy.

I'd just opened up the bottom paddock for them, also known as a sheep party ;-).  Maisie and Keebler out front.  This year's Iknitarod sheep and last year's.

Maisie and Blossom, still her best friend.

Besides Hank.  Hank is sitting between me and the sheep.  Sort of like he frequently sits between his sheep and the Stupid Horses.  Remember that for later.

The sheep and the sweater.

Working their way around me in circles.

Tall Paul (Ewen McTeagle ;-) and Rebecca Boone, Burrnie, Emily, Billy Belly and Casper Belly.

So Hank guards the sheep, but he also guards me.  He doesn't like when the Stupid Horses to come near me, but he's okay when the sheep do...unless I'm knitting.  If I'm knitting and a sheep gets too close to my knitting bag, he races over and yells at them.  He's done that since the early days.  I have no idea how he decided messing with knitting was bad, but I appreciate it :-).

That is what had happened a minute before this picture.  A mass exodus to the barn.  Maisie followed for a couple seconds and then stopped.  

"Wait just a minute."

"I ain't going in yet!"

And Keebs came back out too.  Remember his brown leg?  Still brown :-).

Crazy Maisie

The sweater is coming along, but I know my days are running short.  I stayed at it until almost midnight last night.  The body is at 9 1/2" and the sleeves are 11". I need 16 1/2" and 18 1/2" respectively before I put them together and knit the yoke and collar..  I'm hoping for a big push today. 


MarmePurl said...

Good Morning Sara. Hope you have a great day.

Benita Story said...

You know, with your photos and ability to draw and paint and story-telling skills, have you ever thought about writing and self-publishing a children's book? Maisie would make an awesome main character.

RuusVerd said...

How did your sheep handle the sudden heat? I had to do an emergency wool-ectomy on Barney.

thecrazysheeplady said...

After two years of being really upset that we sheared too early, I was glad they were done early this year. Also, they spent the heat of the day in the barn, which is shady and breezy. I took the pictures after 5:00 when it was cool enough for ME to be out there too ;-D.

Susan said...

What a nice knitting venue! The sheep look so different without their woolly coats! If I had joined the Iknitarod, I'd be frantically trying to finish a dishcloth - never mind a sweater!

Tammy said...

Your sheep are so stylish! The flowing topknot, Maisie's long tail and all the spots and even one with a brown leg! :-)


Elaine Lim said...

Your shearer does a great job. Everyone looks smooth and even. I'll bet they're happy to get the huge coats off!!

thecrazysheeplady said...

They are out in the field playing like lambs :-). And not just the actual lambs, Chocula, Daniel, Hershey and Maisie still run around and boing boing :-D.

Jan baby said...

Hard to believe that a few short weeks ago you were paving paths through the snow! I finished a baby blanket, crochet, though! Yeah! The sweater is looooooking goooood!

Tombstone Livestock said...

I like Susan's idea, maybe I could have done a dish cloth, no good idea I didn't sign up, too busy trying to be a carpenter and getting ready for the shearer on Saturday.

Far Side of Fifty said...

nekkid sheeps! So glad the weather is nice for them! You are making progress one row at a time...your Maisie sweater will be wonderful! :)

LannieK said...

Love Keebs cool hair :-)
Your sweater is going to be beautiful! I am sure Maisie will approve. Such pretty wool!

LannieK said...

Love Keebs cool hair :-)
Your sweater is going to be beautiful! I am sure Maisie will approve. Such pretty wool!

Lisa Smith said...

Good morning Sara! I agree. . . . 73 degrees in mid-March is "stupid"! I just glanced at your weather and it looks like today will be about 20 degrees cooler. We get huge temperature swings like that here in Oregon also.

Yikes! Now that everyone has been sheared it is going to be harder for me to figure out who is who! I was wondering about Keebler's "bangs" . . . is there a particular reason why they are left on? I think it's great, I'm just curious if there is a purpose to it.

I really enjoyed "Maisie And Her Sweater". I always appreciate how you put a header and a footer on your videos (I'm not sure what to call them; an intro and a ???) Thank you, whatever they are called!

Happy knitting!
Warm Regards, Lisa

Spinners End Farm said...

Oh my goodness....we had 15 this morning and still have 20 inches of snow. I will take 73 degrees please....!

Susan Mckee-Nugent said...

HEAT, that is just Wrong....but at least you are knitting with wool and not acrylic hahaha Sheep look great, boing, boing is right :) Sweater? You'll make it :)

Ann Barnes said...

Sara, I wholeheartedly agree with Benita Story. You are so amazingly talented, a book (or chapter books) about your charming life and your very precious family would surely be a huge success. In Kentucky there are popular chapter books about dachshunds (http://www.thewoodybooks.com), I could see "Chapter Books" about your farm life being just as popular and successful (and much more interesting). Finding the time to get it done would probably be your biggest obstacle.


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