Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Maisie Appreciation Day

Also know as Hug a Sheep Day - Part Three 

"Wow, all these peoples came here just to see me?"

"And take my picture?"

"And feed me Cheerios?"

"These are all mine, Willard, so back off!"

"Wait.  What?  You want to give me a hug???"


"But, yes, you can give me more cereal.  I SAID Back OFF, B. Willard!"

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

The "preferred" (by sheep) method to eat Cheerios is directly from the bag.  I wasn't aware of the danger associated with this until a friend of a friend lost her dog due to suffocation in a treat bag earlier this fall.  Once I heard about it, it made complete (and horrific) sense.  We are extra vigilant with all plastic bags now and are hoping that spreading the word might save more lives.


small farm girl said...

You had to do it didn't you...... LOL

Alice said...

She ran up to me and let me pet her! Sheer joy!! I had the bestest time ever!!!

Susan said...

How awful about the dog and the treat bag! Who would have thought? Another reason to despise and dispose of plastic bags. If I was brave enough to take an entire cereal bag of Cheerios out to my three characters, I'd be mowed to the ground!

LannieK said...


Suz said...

now that's a sheep
..what? so I am biased

Tombstone Livestock said...

so cute. Maisie has gotten sooooo big.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Fun photos...perhaps some cloth or mesh homemade bags for cheerios. I have read about the chip bags and pet deaths so sad.

Pam said...

Even for a tailed sheep Maisie has the longest tail I've ever seen! She looks like a big Golden Retriever from the back.

Miha Giustina said...

Maisie's coat always look just perfect. I see only now how small she is in regards to the other sheep and people. And especially the little girl:-).

Is she (Maisie) still growing?

Shirley said...

Yes Maisie. You are a celebrity!


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