Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Knitting Is Boring

Only to Betsy ;-).

I'm actually quite excited by my knitting.  I put in an epic day yesterday and completed 24 looonnnngggg rows.  The weather was awful and just got awful-er as the day went on and I was quite happy sitting in front of the fire clocking through the miles.  Last night the rain turned to snow and this morning looks a little like I could be in Alaska.  The wind definitely feels like it.



  1. Betsy looks so comfy, I want to join her for a nap.

  2. Lots of snow here in Virginia as well. Where I am, around 14-16 inches....another few inches expected...

  3. You are an inspiration! I love the sweater, and even more - I love the yarn. Hmmm...perhaps it's in my future projects! I happen to have some lovely fleece from a crazy sheep lady.

  4. Relaxing, Betsy, not boring.

  5. Betsy is content and cozy. Bet she's glad to be in and warm and not outside and cold! :)

  6. Getting you through that epic day yesterday plum wore her out! The sweater pics on Twitter show impressive progress on this project !


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