Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Fog Follies

ARGH!!! These are lovely pictures I was really happy to share this morning. For some reason, my last two posts have come across really pixelated. On the Mia size blog, the slide show doesn't biggify. Is this just on my computer? Is this happening to anyone else? Is this blogger's way of "forcing" me to upgrade?

Poor Hank. Most of the sheep closest in, maybe all but Renny way over on the left, still hate him. After all these years. Woolliam there on the right with the nose spots takes every opportunity to punch him. Boudreaux will run over the top of you to "get away" from him if he just looks his way.

As soon as Hank sounds his warning bark however (this time just for Hickory), they'll all go running back to the barn, the bad apples leading the way. Isn't that always the way...

"We'll USE you...but won't give you any credit."

And good ol' Hank just keeps on.


Ed said...

Poor Hank, just like the police.:-)
Excellent foggy shots..

Dreaming said...

Poor Hank - it certainly doesn't sound like he is appreciated!
The sheep I observed this weekend were very curious about Lexie, the Border Collie... but only when the dog's back was turned! About once an hour Lexie, who was helping out at the trials, would come in to their pen for a drink and a soak in their water tub. When she was lying down the sheep would tip-toe up and sniff her! Lexie was very surprised!

Terry said...

Blossom loves you, Hank.


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