Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday Stills - Reflections

Reflections is the challenge. For some this might mean a mirror image, others of you might want to just want to “reflect” on a certain subject.


I thought I was going to get skunked on this week's challenge due to being otherwise occupied ;-). However, the other night the International Space Station flew over our farm and some friends were over for some lamb snorgling and we walked out to watch.

You can see the ISS by looking for a bright moving "star" booking across the sky. It's flying at 17,800 mph and the reason it looks like a star is because it's reflecting the sun :-D.

You can check when the ISS is going to be visible in your location (and all sorts of other cool stuff) by visiting the official NASA - International Space Station site. Fascinating!

For more reflective Sunday Stills...

And yes, there will be more lamb pictures later today ;-).


Alice said...

Amazing capture given that the sighting only lasts a minute or two!

Linda said...

Great capture....i DID get skunked unless it gets sunny this afternoon.

Sheepmom said...

It's almost like the SS challenge was tailor made for you since you had this cool shot. What do I click to find out when the ISS will be over us? There were too many links on the site - couldn't find that.

Benita said...

I think yours is the coolest "reflection" shot I have seen yet. Not everyone can get that picture just right like you did.

Ed said...

Very cool..:-)

Anonymous said...

I love this! A wonderful take on "reflections".


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