Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Each One Teach One

"This is how you eat grass, Blossom."

But she doesn't need any lessons in napping ;-).

"Just so long as you stay over there and stop climbing on me, you little brat."

Ewenice is down again :-/. She's able to get up with some help and hobble/hop out to her favorite shade tree if we support her. Blossom aggravating her some this afternoon was actually probably a good thing. At least we know she hasn't given up ;-).

I blacked out the messy background on this picture thinking it was cute of Blossom doing a little weed eating around the garden. Just for fun ran a PW action on it and it became a kind of neat picture I think.


Michelle said...

VERY neat picture! We have some of that same decorative fencing...now to get my own Wool House. :-)

(Sorry about Ewenice.)

Andrea said...

My best wishes for Ewenice; it's hard to watch our favorite animals as they age. It seems she's been trying her best to do it gracefully.

Alice said...

Precious picture of the young and the old in your sheep family.
Impressive capture and foreground study in the last photo!

Nancy K. said...

I'm so sorry to hear that Miss Ewenice is struggling. She's such a wise old gal. Who will raise the babies when she's gone?

I love the last photo. It looks very dramatic.

Tombstone Livestock said...

Sweet picture of Blossom napping, so glad Ewenice is able to be out and enjoying spring, sunshine and green grass.

Lori Skoog said...

Ewenice sounds like she still has some spirit left. Hope things go well for her today. Sorry she is having such a difficult time. Blossom, on the other hand, seems to be learning all about what it's like to act like her grown up buddies. The pictures are fabulous.

The rain has stopped up here. It has been a mess since it started snowing.

janna Edrington said...

Love the smiling, napping Blossom. Hang in there Ewenice!

flowerweaver said...

Great photos of the young and young in spirit sheepies! The last photo came out nicely.

Shirley said...

Blossom doesn't need any cuteness lessons either.
Miss Ewenice seems to be gently slipping away.

Sheepmom said...

I'm so glad Ewenice is having some time in the sun and grass. Blossom may be a little annoying to her, but it also gives her someone to watch and interact with. She doesn't look distressed or unhappy, so take each good day with a smile and not worry about tomorrow too much.

LOVE the last picture! Guess I hadn't ever seen this particular effect done before. Definately a winner.

Peacecat said...

Ewenice! Sun, relax, hugs. Life is good and has been good for you, dear.

Blossom! You cute little thing you. Learn what you can from your elders, especially grandmothers. Ewenice knows a few things.

cyndy said...

Your Lambie photos always make me smile :-)

Terry said...

What a sweet baby!
So sorry Ewenice isn't doing very well.

Bee Lady said...

Blossom is so cute. She looks like a stuffed animal! It looks like she's always smiling too. What's going on with Eunice? Wasn't she down awhile back too? Poor thing.
How long is a normal life span of a sheep? I guess I never thought about it.
Cindy Bee

Far Side of Fifty said...

Poor Miss Ewenice..perhaps she will gently slip away to forever pastures. It is hard to watch our friends age..animal and human. Gotta love Blossom..such a cutie. You have captured the life span of a sheep in those photos:)


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