Friday, October 8, 2010

Sometimes You Don't Get What You Want

You get what you need.

And yes, while I would want a Land Rover and could surely justify a need for it, that wasn't it. I just thought it was a pretty picture to lead off ;-).

Lexington has been equally excited about...and (honestly) dreading the World Equestrian Games. The honor of being chosen to host the first ever WEG outside of Europe is, however, not lost on anyone.

This horse shoe sculpture is at least as tall as me and the tags are hung around the globe (look carefully) for each competitor. The medals are then added as they are won. Neat!

Before I adopted Punkin, I was a horse person. Everyone naturally assumed I was planning to camp out at the games. I had No Intention. I've been way too busy this fall. I hate dealing with complicated parking and huge crowds. The tickets were outrageously expensive. I could buy a video when it was over.

Then I was asked by the United States Pony Clubs to lead to a combined driving marathon course walk. And while I made a couple attempts to suggest other more willing qualified folks, the honor was not lost on me.

And there I was this morning (as a former combined driving competitor - single horse), on course, explaining all the red and white letters, pointing out how steep this short hill actually is, how tough it's going to be to choose an option with a 90 degree turn right at the bottom and how the hair will. stand. up. on the back of your neck as each team of four horses gallops past.

I believe I'll be growing some of those geese gourds next year!

The hazards (or obstacles) are just beautiful. I can hear the carriages rumble, sixteen pounding hoof beats, harness jingling, navigators shouting instructions...just like it was yesterday. I'm going back for the competition tomorrow :-D.

This looks like Big Fun.

And I almost missed out. Stupid. What on earth am I going to remember 10 years from now?!? It sure ain't going to be packing up wool or sitting in a line of traffic. Thank God for good friends who aren't willing to take "No" for an answer.

My favorite driver, Bill Long (US). I will enjoy watching him drive and cheering for him and his team. I enjoyed watching them plot their routes.

This interesting hazard was constructed with authentic antique old west coaches and wagons - obviously safely ensconced in solid fencing. Navigating the obstacles at high speed (you are penalized for each second you spend inside) can be a scary, but thrilling experience.

Click to biggify

And remember, if you jump... ;-).

I will, of course, take lots of pictures tomorrow and the hazards with their red and white letters will all make a bit more sense.


Alice said...

I am SO GLAD that you had friends to remind you how neat a competition this is. Pretend it's Cinderella's coach and trying to make it home before midnight! What exciting fun!

Michelle said...

Girl, you WERE being silly and now you're having/will have FUN! So glad you said yes (so I can attend vicariously through you.... :-)

Lori Skoog said...

Sara...did you ever know of Larry Poulin who has been on the Olympic Combined Driving team many times? He did a driving clinic here and I took a driving lesson one year and a dressage lesson the next.

Glad you went and can't wait to see the pictures.

Jenny Glen said...

I wish I was there with you so you could show me some of the stuff we talked about during my driving "lesson" this summer.

Heather said...

Have a blast!

Nancy K. said...

Oh, WOW! What a thrill to see. How could you even THINK of missing such an opportunity?!

I can't wait to see the photos. The course looks gorgeous.

Have FUN!!! The work will wait...

Peruby said...

If you bring something in a bottle, pass it around? I don't think so! I wouldn't want to drink out of a bottle used by anybody who spits on the leeward side. :)

small farm girl said...

Now that sounds like fun!

Ed said...

Have fun, can't wait to see all the pics. Dad and I will be in Cave City tomorrow and Mammouth on Monday. See ya on Tuesday...:-)

Peacecat said...

I heard the program on NPR a couple of days ago concerning the WEC and wondered if you'd be there. Lucky duck!! Have a good time for me, and my daughter (who has recently discovered the joy of riding lessons).

Enjoy that sunshine!!!!

DayPhoto said...

You are one amazing chick! WOW!


flowerweaver said...

I'm glad you went and got to revisit your past life. The carved acorn on the fence is really cool!


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