Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My Spinning Angel

I always like to learn good stuff when I take a spinning or knitting workshop. Sadly, I learned something bad in my Spinning for Mittens class last Friday. We were discussing Fair Isle mittens and how they were extra warm because of the double thickness of yarn due to the stranding for the pattern.


As soon as the words came out of Carol Rhodes' mouth, my heart sank. I didn't have enough yarn for my Jester sweater. That I've been planning for over two years. That I was so excited to finish spinning for my Tour de Fleece challenge. That I was having so much fun thinking about what pattern I wanted to use and looking at pictures. That I couldn't wait to cast on and start sampling...

I stressed about this for the rest of the day. Really stressed. Well, more really sad. And then I got a little tap on my shoulder. From my spinning angel.

"Pssst - didn't you take Jester to the Kentucky Sheep and Fiber Festival as just picked (not processed into roving)?"

"Why would I do that? That's, um, not a fleece you'd really want to showcase."

"But weren't you thinking it would be nice to have a black and white fleece set out so people could see what a Jacob sheep looked like before it's processed?"

"Yeah, but I took Henrietta for that. It's pretty and soft and silky, not coarse and scratchy."

"I'm pretty sure you took Jester too, in the back left corner, for beginning spinners looking for some "practice" fleece?"
"Wait a minute... You're right! I'm pretty sure you're right!!!"

And look what I found in the loft when I got home. Still in the lock so I could pick out all the white.

A gift of another 9 1/2 ounces.

Truly, of all the sheep I would have normally held back (without some divine intervention), Jester is just not one of them. I love his roving and always suggest it for people learning to spin as it just about spins itself. It's a lovely color too, but if you were going to look for a stunning fleece to buy, this is not it. Unless you know and love the sheep and then it's priceless.

Actually, it's not priceless. If anyone reading this bought some white from that bag in the back left corner, drop me an email. I'll buy it back from you at a stunning price ;-).


Jody said...

Boy would I luv to take a class with Carol Rhodes:-)
I hope you get enough to finish your will be gorgeous!

DayPhoto said...

Do you ever sell you skeins?


Jenny Glen said...

Snort! This is the way I cook. I plan something, get excited about surprising my husband, get it half done, and then realize I forgot some key ingredient by just reading the instructions too fast. I'm too far from the store to just run out and get it so it is usually ruined. I wish I had a cooking angel to tell me how to fix it!

Alice said...

I'm so glad you found that roving. I do hope that I don't have a ball of it in my stash. If you don't have enough yarn, still, you can make the sweater for one of your short friends :D

Leedra said...

Sorry, I bought Rebecca's curls. Still haven't used them, but as you plan ahead, I still have a plan for them. Rebecca's curls is all I bought from you. Good luck in getting enough back to finish the sweater.

Lori Skoog said...

I need a list of vocabulary regarding this spinning, knitting stuff. I don't even know what it means...however, I like what I see in the photos!


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