Monday, July 5, 2010

Gardening Angels

We've had some unexpected guests this summer.

Hey, where'd you come from?

A bird planted me back in the winter. I came from your bird feeder.

Cool! Who's your little friend?

Oh, the little bee? She's here working.

Do you think that big pointy thing is her stinger? It's not. Bee's stingers are actually on their butts ;-). That's her proboscis, or tongue, that she's using to suck up nectar.

And apparently the pollen just goes everywhere! Definitely click to biggify. That's one happy bee I'd bet.

And to think all this is going on right outside the door. On a couple cute little happy sunflowers. Planted by a gardening angel. Thanks :-).

Here's something fun you might enjoy. I "googled" bees and sunflowers just to see if there were any fun facts to share and I found a site to Join The Hunt For Bees! Just when I didn't need to add one more thing to my dailylistoffunstuffItrytofitinwithoutenoughtimetodoitall.


Nancy K. said...

Amazing photos!

Alice said...

I noticed those little cups of sunshine yesterday and wondered how they got there. If that bee could talk I'll bet he would say, "YUMMY!". Brilliant color capture;-)

Lori Skoog said...

I like the text you used for this post. Sweet! Gardening Angels...perfect.

Ed said...

Very cool! We need some sunflowers at mom's homestead, maybe next time I go home I may accidently spill some seeds...;-)

flowerweaver said...

That's one dusted bee! Very nice photos & story!

Gayle said...

A sunflower surprise. How wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Lovely. We planted some sunflowers in our garden, but they got washed away in a bad rain storm shortly after being planted. One survived and we are eagerly awaiting it's blooming. :)

Ann said...

I am surprised your angel planted the sunflower at the tree. I used to grow them so they are exposed and get plenty of sun.

DayPhoto said...

You made me laugh. I had wanted to do the bee hunt thing, but the information I got was I had to plant Lemon Queen Sunflowers to be involved....I couldn't find the seed in time so it's on my to do list for next year.



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