Wednesday, February 25, 2009


New internet farm slang - Rolling On Ground Making Me Smile :-).

Anyone want to play along? Either coming up with new fun farm acronyms...OR rolling around in the warm sun!


Nancy K. said...

I'll play!!

I'm thinking of starting a Yahoo Group for depressed shepherdesses...
I'll call it "SAS" (Seasonally Affected Shepherdesses")


~Tonia~ said...

Oh I have already rolled around in the warm sun. I couldn't believe how warm it was the other day.

Claire said...

I was feeling really crummy this morning with a bad head cold making me dizzy. I sat out on the back porch to write in my farm journal, since it was a sunny day, and eventually lay down on the porch, laying in the sun. Some chickens came over and sunbathed all around me. It was kind of surreal. But we all enjoyed laying around in the sun, which is close to rolling around.

DayPhoto said...

Ahhhhhh! Boy now does THAT feels good.


Peacecat said...

VERRRRRY cheerful and nice! Makes me want to roll around in the sun, too. So happy it's coming back. We're gaining over 5 minutes a day here in the north country.
Happy (almost) spring!


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