Monday, February 2, 2009

Making Tracks

Luckily the ice has done just that. Some of the snow has melted as well over the last two days, but we are still mostly covered. We had a load of hay delivered this morning and our "hay guy" told me that when we have a big snow like this it actually helps the grass for the upcoming year by giving it a nitrogen boost (I think I'm repeating this correctly). I'm not sure of the science, but I know he knows his grass, so I'm looking forward to some good green sprouts after six more weeks of winter.

As I was walking up to the barn this morning I noticed all the overlapping foot prints in the snow.

The entire driveway is a footprint of our daily lives - all of us traipsing back and forth, back and forth, side trip to check out a tree, back to the track...

And good ole' Claire Bear heading back to the barn...alone.


Tammy said...

That is the best positive about snow--free fertilizer! It is rich in nitrogen, and if you get a warm spell to melt it off, you will likely notice immediately how the grass looks greener--even in the winter. The best 'free fertilizer' is the late, heavy March snows. It's amazing how the earth replinishes itself--and how we still learn so much everyday. Still and all, even with the positive benefits...I'm ready for Spring! ;-)

DayPhoto said...

You have a beautiful place.



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