Friday, November 21, 2008

It's A Blur

Petunia was so cute eating her hay the other night that I snapped a couple pictures of her, remembering her super cute picture eating clovers when she was a baby.

When I reviewed the pictures though I was disappointed - they were all blurred. How did that happen? That camera always does such a good job. Then I noticed that the pictures weren't blurry, just her mouth.

That sounds about right.

She might not be the "Gerber Baby" anymore, but she's still pretty darn cute.


camper said...

She looks like a german chocolate cake--adorable!!!

Dana and Daisy said...

she looks like a toy with glass eyes in her first picture!

Oh my goodness, I would have a hard time making them stay outside if they are that cute!

DayPhoto said...

She is adorable! As a baby or a toddler! Sheep are really the best animals, they are so trusting and kind.


kristi said...

so I am thinking she has to be a Cotswold? If so, the color is unique, I have only seen the white & black. How can you not love a lamb? Thank you for the red light suggestion:)

Anonymous said...

No, not the Gerber Baby she used to be but she is still REALLY CUTE! :D I love all the fuzz. ;)

Kathleen said...

ohmygoodness! What a baby doll! Too bad they can't get big without loosing the cuteness. What a great picture!

Nancy K. said...

I must disagree with the "too bad they can't get big without losing the cuteness" comment ~ she still looks mighty adorable to me!

Awesome photographs!


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