Sunday, November 16, 2008

Can Photoshop Help?

I wanted to post an embarrassing picture of our resident punk, Comby, but instead it is probably a more embarrassing tale of poor housekeeping.

From the front porch of the cat condo, Comby can look directly into the kitchen.

Saint Tim noticed his face lined up perfectly with the Christmas heart I hung up three or four years ago and liked so well that I never took down.

Or dusted.



Dana and Daisy said...

that is so funny how the wreath frames his head. Having quite a bit of photoshop experience, I can tell you that it would be easier to dust the berries, pose the cat and retake the photo!

I had a similar photo the other day I wanted to post but noticed the mirror in the bathroom was so splattered it was embarrasin'.

DayPhoto said...

That was a great shot of your cat and the window! What a neat looking kitty.


I need orange said...

I don't think you can 'shop the dust out, but if you increased the saturation and then put a filter on it you might be able to bamboozle people into not seeing the dust at all......... :-)


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