Monday, September 15, 2008

To Do List

1. Dump and scrub out horse water tank
2. Mow front field
3. Pick up downed limbs from yesterday
4. Clean up wind ravaged porch
5. Get more cookies for Sunshine
6. Give Boo a bath
7. Call contractor about a new sheep shed

8. OH GOOD GRIEF! - Give Buddy a hair cut!!!

I took this picture last night when I went up to put everyone to bed. I was trying to get a picture of Miss Ewenice and her boys all sleeping together behind the barn (they are still such a cute little family), but Buddy thought I was getting cookies instead of the camera and jumped up. I would say he jumped up and ruined everything, but how could you be mad at this face...even if you can't see it.

1 comment:

kristi said...

okay, now you know I just had to come to see that white Cotswold! I love their face & their dread locks! I love to hug mine & they just love to be hugged!!! I refuse to discuss my "To Do List" because it just seems to get longer each day:(


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