Friday, September 12, 2008

Friday Feature - Thursday Evening

More porch sitting! We are so happy it's cooled off enough to eat dinner outside. Now if we could just figure out a way to eat dinner outside...alone.

Eli doesn't give you the time of day until you sit down to eat and then he just must sit on your lap. Iris, Weaslie (Miss Tilly) and Boo, while well mannered (mostly - right Weaslie?), stare holes through you trying to will a table scrap to magically hit the floor. Comby is good for awhile but then thinks things are too quiet and decides to pick on someone - which is funny when it's Weaslie (poor Weaslie). Brushy shows up and Iris has to pin him to the floor to wash his ears, but then Boo wanders over and gets too close and she has to snarl at him. Comby really gets into the mix then and slaps Claire Bear. Which scares Weaslie, so she tries to run away and runs into Iris. Claire Bear doesn't take any gruff from Comby and retaliates. Eli thinks maybe it's time to hit his porch roof condo and thecrazysheeplady loses her temper and runs everyone off the porch.

Saint Tim goes back in the house for more wine. Dinner continues. And as evening falls, we listen to the last of the summer cicadas and the birds wind things up for the night and watch the sheep emerge from the barn, saunter out to get a drink and then head out to graze in the cool of the evening.

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