Monday, August 18, 2008

Sturgeon Moon

While still beautiful, this photograph in no way resembles the actual view from Equinox Farm this evening. I will learn to take a better picture though someday. I just have to. We have some of the most beautiful sunsets, sunrises, big moons, sun dogs, fire flies... Visions that I keep filed away to call into my mind any time I need them.

The moon tonight is one day past full, but still so big that as I headed in from the barn I couldn't help but stop and stare. At the size, the luminescence, the pits and craters that I could see with my naked eye. A moon so incredible that as I watched it "rise" it seemed to move so fast that I wanted to grab a tree trunk and hang on for dear life so as not to get pitched off a spinning planet.

I thought of Saint Tim under this same moon out on a big lake in northern Wisconsin tonight. The last night of a wonderful getaway for him (at least I hope he comes home). He called as I was looking up its name. He'd just caught (and released) the second largest fish he's ever caught and they were all excited as they headed back to shore. I was happy to share what I'd found - it's the Sturgeon Moon - when the native Americans found the large fish up in the Great Lakes a bit easier to catch. All lakes are great.

Goodnight Moon.

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