Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Fine Feathered Friends

We spent some time over the weekend prepping the gardens for winter and I took some of the cut sunflower heads out to the bird feeder and Woodstock hosted a bird party! Much like baking cupcakes for your child to take to school I'd imagine.

This guy was not invited, but we enjoyed spying on him from behind the barn...only because we don't think he's big enough to carry off one of the Adventure Chickens...we hope.

This is a test post from the laptop, using the new wireless, but not quite highspeed system, so there may be some text/photo issues to fix.


~Tonia~ said...

What wonderful pictures. We left the sunflowers that grew here so that the birds can eat them. The little finches are much apprecaitive.

The post looks fine from here. I love my wireless.

flipflops and wool socks said...

The picture's are great . I love to watch the birds at feeder's.


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