Wednesday, November 28, 2007


We've had a rough couple of weeks at Equinox Farm. One of our favorite "ponies" is struggling with a foot problem and has us all pretty nervous. T-Bone is receiving good veterinary and farrier care though and Tim and I are doing the best we can to be good ICU nurses and we are all hoping for the best. A foot problem may not sound like much until you factor in the 12oo pounds relying on standing on it and what can snowball from there.

So, here it is, almost a week after Thanksgiving and I'm stressed about still not posting a Thanksgiving blog. For crying out loud, we all have so much to be thankful for and I'm sooo grateful for so many things. How hard could it have been? Then, I walked out the back door this morning and found this ice droplet hanging from the "beak" of our hummingbird feeder.

In real life, it was about 3/16 of an inch wide and hanging from - get this! - a single strand of a spider's web. The beauty of sometimes "just hanging on" and making everyday "Thanksgiving".


~Tonia~ said...

How pretty. I so hope that T-Bone recovers. I know that he is at the best place possible for being taken care of, that is for sure. Yes a foot issue is a scary thing. You have all right to be worried about him.

Shelley said...

Tell T-Bone that Maddie and I are praying for him to heal. Horses are so beautiful and delicate.


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