Saturday, October 31, 2020

Hug A Sheep Day - The Fleeces

Here are the fleeces from this afternoon, in no particular order. If there is something you'd like to purchase, send me an email at thecrazysheeplady AT gmail DOT com.  I will try to check in to see if anyone has any questions, but I've got my normal farm work to do, so it might be hit or miss for an hour or so.   
By the way, HSS stands for Hand Spinner Select, which was how we sorted fleeces on shearing day at Tring Farm.  The fleeces from our farm are all HSS, too, just not marked that way.  I took all these pictures last night without thinking that the breed crosses and some names were missing.  They were added to the tags before the video, so hopefully I showed the tag long enough...

If you are local and would like to come out and pick up your fleece(s), we are offering Barn Side Pickup ;-).  I'm happy to ship them as well, but obviously there will be an additional charge for postage.

Here is a nice fleece and farm video from Tring Farm.  Enjoy :-).

Happy sheep :-).  Happy shopping :-).  

Betty 8 lbs  $80

Daisy  8 lbs  $80.00

Pocket's Daughter  9.25 lbs   $92.50

Tansy  9 lbs  $90

S34   7.75 lbs   $77.50

Clara  6.25 lbs  $62.50 Sold

Moe  8.5 lbs  $75.00

S39  8.5 lbs  $85.00  Sold

Penny   5.5 lbs  $50

Maybelline  7 lbs  $70 Sold

Bowtie  5.25 lbs  $52.50

Crazy Eyes  Beautiful fleece, but not for handspinning.  Make an offer.

Elizabeth  7.25 lbs  $72.50  Sold

S44  5.25 lbs  $52.50  Sold

Petunia  5.25 lbs  $65.00  Sold

Mini Moose  7.5 lbs  $95.00  Sold

Andy  6 lbs  $65.00  Sold

Levi  8 lbs  $96.00  Sold

Spud  8 lbs  $96.00  Sold

Tara  4.5 lbs  $60.00

Burrnie  5.25 lbs  $55

Tessa  3.75 lbs  $50

Tabitha  4.5 lbs  $60  Sold


Michelle said...

Glad to see some hay/vet funds coming in!

Marcy said...

Really beautiful fleeces. Each one seems unique. Makes me wish I was a spinner!

karen said...

wow that is a lot of fleece!! beautiful!


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