Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Far Out

One thing (of many) I've enjoyed about having Rocky and Jared here is watching how far they travel in search of fresh grass.  We have plenty acres open for grazing, but the majority of the sheep graze just within a stone's throw from the barn.

A big part of that may be because in the early days Hank didn't like them going too far away from the 'safe zone' and for years would call them in when he thought they'd gone far enough.  There's probably another part of it that has to do with being fat and lazy ;-).

Rocky and Jared (aka Big J) could care less if Hank tells them to stay close.  There's good grass out there and they are the men to go eat it all.  That's Jared farthest away in the picture above.

Rocky is usually close by, but I've never seen him go as far as Jared, who I've seen all the way at the back corner.  A few other sheep have taken to following them out there - Cheeto and her boys, Andy, sometimes the Ts.

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There was a fun series of pictures on Instagram one evening with Kate and Tilly herding the boys back home.  They were out there all by themselves while Cheeto was in Easy Breezy being weaned.  You've got to stay with the adults a little bit, boys!

Stone's throw... ;-)

We've had some pretty mornings, but fall is still eluding us.  There are two days next week that are forecast for 98 degrees :-o.  At the end of September...

How about a couple of new puzzles :-).  Enjoy!


sophy0075 said...

Boys will be boys- even when covered in fleece!

Seriously, though, I hope there are no foxes around to bother R & J.

knitski said...

Just back from Europe trip which was sunny and wonderful. Here in AK yeap RAIN! However, temps are dropping close tot he magic number of 32----ever hopeful this rain turns into something useful!

Terry and Linda said...

Your world is lovely! Just lovely!

Shirley said...

I love your farm, so beautiful. Good sheep, a good horse and good dogs as well a saint of a husband..... all on that beautiful place. You are blessed.


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