Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Ducklings On The Pond

I flushed this momma duck and her babies when I mowed along the pond dam yesterday.  I quickly mowed everything near the pond and then got out of their way.  About an hour and a half later I quietly snuck back to the pond, tucked in behind a thick cover of pines.  

I took two pictures, one out of focus, this one and by the third picture they were already under cover on the pond's edge.  Click, click, click and they were gone!  

I was fully zoomed in with a 200mm lens and I cropped this picture quite a bit, so I obviously wasn't close.  I'd left the dogs at the barn, so they hadn't clued her in either.  I was behind some thick pines and I didn't move a single branch.

How on earth did she immediately know I was there?

Animals are amazing!

*       *       *       *       *

For anyone following IG/FB last night, the dog Auntie Monica and I picked up off 32 was reunited with her owner today :-).  The big take away from the pick up was the fact that there were 8-10 cars stopped on the road trying to help catch this confused, scared, possibly injured, elderly dog.  

Sometimes people are amazing, too :-).

*        *        *        *        *

A big thank you to everyone who has tried successfully or unsuccessfully to leave me a comment on the last couple posts.  I've changed the settings once again, so maybe this one will work.  

Unfortunately I won't be able to respond to questions directly anymore, but I can in a new separate comment box.  I think there may be a toggle to "email follow up comments" which should notify you that I've responded.  I am so sorry this has to be so hard. 

Computer issues are Not Amazing.


Michelle said...

Your pond looks so BIG. Is it just the angle, or has your pond grown along with all those trees?

knitski said...

Computers just don’t behave the way the want them to behave ever!

thecrazysheeplady said...

That's the big pond behind the Frog Pond. Where I skated two years ago. Same size :-).

They used to behave better, didn't they? We used to never have all these issues :-/.

LannieK said...

Beautiful shot! The lighting wad great.
Sorry about the computer issues - Maybe this will work?

I need orange said...

So glad that old dog got back to her people. Lovely to know there were so many trying to help her! Thank you for taking her in, and for helping her get home.

Baby ducks are awfully vulnerable. I can believe Mama just didn't want those babies anywhere out of cover for more than a minute. Hawks from the air, turtles from underneath, who knows what on shore..... A dangerous world for a tiny ducklet.

I need orange said...

ps -- I wonder if some of the commenting problems have been browser-related. I haven't had any issues I'm aware of, commenting, in the last several years. (Firefox on a Windows 7 pc)

Laura L. said...

Love this time of the year when babies start to show up! And I'm happy that dog has been reunited with it's family.

sophy0075 said...

I’m so glad the dog was found by his/her human. I hope (s)he’ll be all right.

Computers are evil. I worked for computer companies for 15 years.

Grey Horse Matters said...

The ducks must have super sensitive hearing. We have a lot of geese in our pond and they just ignore us. Guess they know by now they rule the pond. Glad the dog was reunited with his family.

As for the computers, I can’t leave messages from my iPad on certain blogs only from my computer. Can’t figure that one out🤔


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