Monday, April 1, 2019

Peeking In

Several times a day I go peek in on everyone to make sure all is well in the barn.  This is one of my favorite things to do, especially on a sunny, but chilly "winter" day.  As I quietly walked down the barn aisle I noticed Maisie cashed out (one of my most favorite sights) so I quietly walked out, grabbed my camera and snuck back in.

The little darlin'.

Jared, aka Big J, soaking up some sun.

I seldom catch Kaala asleep.  She's always "busy".

Petunia, with Tavia and Clover Belly on the left.


Rebecca Boone, for the first time looking like she might be happy(ish) moved into Easy Breezy.  I've been trying for several days to get her settled in there.  A Cotswold with an opinion... ;-).

Good afternoon!


  1. Well, I see Kaala hasn't missed too many meals. ;)

    She looks so beautiful!!! Thank you for caring for her for me.

    1. She's really not THAT fat. It must be the angle. She's not skinny by any means, but I did notice the picture made her look fatter than she actually is ;-).

  2. ALL of the flock look like they haven’t missed any meals 😉

  3. A little nap in the sun makes everyone happy.


    1. Until summer hits :-o. This is my favorite temperature. I wish it could be this way all year!

  4. With those 'uppy ears,' Kaala looks much too alert to ever nap!

  5. Happy looking crew and all look smashing with their hair cuts!

  6. Of course Maisie is asleep...she is dreaming of sheepnannygans:)


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