Tuesday, April 10, 2018

The Babysitter

I'm going to keep you in suspense for the even cuter pictures of the sisters from yesterday.  Sorry about that!  Today is National Farm Animal Day so I want to give some props to a hard working "farm animal" I found babysitting half the lambs in the nursery pen this afternoon.

I posted a quick video from Final Frontier Farm at the time and one of the stars of the show was this sweet napping lambie.  I love when they fall asleep and their heads roll back and back and back and just before they hit the ground they jerk back up...and repeat...like a kid sleeping through math class ;-).

The two lambs in this picture are her lambs.  In the video you can see all the other lambs curled up around her.  She's apparently the neighborhood favorite :-).


Melody A. said...

Oh, my gosh so sweet, and what a great Mom!!!

KP said...

I've seen that when I drive by fields with cows. One Mom Cow "babysitting" the little ones while the rest of the Moms range further away. I'm not a farmer so not sure what's really going on, but that's how I've explained it in my head! Very sweet!

Marilyn F. said...

Gosh, that was just so sweet. Loved the video and the nodding-off lamb!! That ewe must have a very calm and sweet disposition - a real keeper in a flock. Thanks for sharing.

Cheryl West said...

She must be a very gentle mama to be so trusted with the babies.

Terry and Linda said...

I always love the babysitter in the herds (flocks) they are the true mothers of the earth!


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