Monday, September 17, 2012

Blossom And Her Buds

Disclaimer: These were all taken "BC" (before coffee). I rotated to straighten as many as I could because pretty much I felt like I might fall out of my chair looking at them skewed downhill the way they were. A couple...not so fixable. But they're fun anyway :-).

I looked out and saw Hank sitting on the hill with a white sheep yesterday morning. Blossom is so big now that from a big distance (and BC) it's sometimes hard to tell where she is, but if he's out with one sheep, it's usually Blossom, little Miss Independent. Or Keebler. This is Keebler.

Then, something must have startled the sheep on the hill because next thing I knew, everyone was racing for the barn. It was obviously nothing or Hank wouldn't be racing alongside with a big smile on his face. Sometimes a cool morning is all it takes. That's Marcel in front.

And here comes Blossom. With Uncle Graham and Auntie Lila. You can tell by the look on Graham's face that he a. isn't in the mood to run and b. wasn't done eating ;-).

Just missed her big wheeee jump by a split second.

And she's pulling ahead.

Catching up to Renny.

Who isn't about to let anyone beat her anywhere :-).

And across the creek.

I've had lots of complaints lately about no Blossom shots. Tell me about it. If I show up out in the field with the camera she stops doing whatever cute thing she's doing and runs over to see what I'm up to (and if I have any cookies).

Interestingly, and this started from early baby days, if I sit down either in the barn or out in the field, she runs over for ear scratching, story telling, naptime... However, if I pull out my phone, she gets disgusted and walks away. Even a sheep kid knows she's not getting mom's full attention like that. That's why most of the phone shots are of her sleeping ;-).


Tombstone Livestock said...

Thanks for the Blossom updates, and Hank too. That's a lot of wood fencing to maintain. Love the green grass and the rolling terrain, very picturesque.

♥ Brigitte ♥ said...

Once again, I love Blossom. What a cute little girl :)))

Far Side of Fifty said...

It looks greener there..I enjoyed your early morning view:)

Terry said...

Awwww. There's my girl.

Mary said...

Sweet pics! And i love Hank's huge grin. They all look as though they're having such fun.. kicking up their heels and running like that. And the rolling knolls look so peaceful and serene!

Pam said...

Love, love, love Hanks big grin and big flapping tongue. Give him a hug for me.

Alice said...

If you put your pics together they could make a flip book. Maybe one of the Adventure Chickens told them the sky was falling!
I love the body language attitude of Graham. I dont think he relishes travelling with the women sheep. It affects his image. :-)

Michelle said...

Nice to see some "action" shots! lol

Sheepmom said...

So happy to see that Marcel must be feeling 100% again. Fun action shots and LOVE Hank's happy face!

Tree Hugger - Suzan said...

Thank you for the Blossom moment!!

Bee Lady said...

You must feel like you have a flock of two year olds! So funny.

Cindy Bee

Ed said...

Any sheep pics are great..:-))


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