Friday, June 4, 2010

Bring Your Wheel

Punkin's Patch will be set up on Saturday at Art in the Garden in our favorite river town, Augusta, Kentucky. In fact, our booth is RIGHT BY THE FERRY that I take to Ohio Valley Natural Fibers! Wheeeeeee :-D.

Between playing catch up coming off the big Kentucky Sheep and Fiber Festival last month, the extreme hot weather that makes taking care of animals a bit more time consuming and playing with taking care of the new babies, I don't have a ton of gift items ready to go. That's okay because you know what that means?

It's a spinning day!

Come out and play. Bring your wheel, drop spindle, knitting project, weaving, rug hooking... Sit under a shade tree, watch the barges run up and down the river, ride the ferry to Ohio and back and enjoy a day off. Art in the Garden is a really nice small art fair in a beautiful town.

I'll bring some roving, a couple of wheels, drop spindle kits and some knitting needles. Want to learn to knit or spin? Come on out. If you want me to bring some particular roving or quilt batting, drop me an email (thecrazysheeplady AT myfavoritesheep DOT com) today and let me know .

BYOC - bring your own chair ;-).


Dreaming said...

It sounds like so much fun!
My mom used to spin and weave. Your posts bring back many fond memories of her craft. I loved watching her spin - there is something so very relaxing about watching the fibers being twisted into nice, even yarn.

Peacecat said...

Wish I could drop on down for a spin! That sounds lovely.

Jody said...

Sounds fantastic...wish I could go! Unfortunately Ontario is a long way away :-(

Anonymous said...

Shoot! I missed it. Although it was pretty muggy out to be messing with wool..

DayPhoto said...

Cool poster! Did you make it?



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