Saturday, January 16, 2010

And They're Off! more ways than one.

Note the sentinel - always Heidi - in the foreground.

"Uh oh, she sees something!

"Everybody run!"


"Huddle up!"

Did you notice Henrietta moving to the front of the herd?

She can run pretty fast for a fat girl.

And why were they running? Because Saint Tim caught Hank sleeping up on the hill with the horses and called to him. He came running (because he's a good dog) down through the horse paddocks NOWHERE NEAR THE SHEEP...but they ran to the barn anyway (because "he was trying to kill them").

Gee, I wonder why Hank doesn't want to hang out with them.

Seriously, if he didn't have his friends Keebler and Graham Lamb, he'd probably be in therapy by now. I'm not sure if those older sheep are ever going to accept him.

They're a bit "off".


Alice said...

Is that Elizabeth bringing up the rear? How funny that they run to the word "Hank!" That's an easy way to get them to the barn. How long will they stay there? Do you have to coax them out? There seems to be a few sheep shy of the total. Good action photo!

thecrazysheeplady said...

No, Elizabeth is near the middle of the pack. They are mostly running for "safety" because they see Hank running, not because of the word. If we need them to run to the barn, we shake a bucket of grain or the nilla wafer box ;-).

flowerweaver said...

Gosh, I can pick out quite a few of them by name!

Eleanor P said...

LOVE the pictures and captions. Give them some time. The day (or night) they see Hank chase off something that is threatening, they'll catch on. My flock ran after Todd the last time he went after a coyote--I guess to give him a hand. Have another horse now and he hasn't stepped up to the plate yet.

Christine said...

LOL, It took me darn near an hour last night to get my girls to go in their barn. Not sure which one had the wild hair first, but they all decided doing laps around the pasture would be more fun than going to bed. I'm starting to think all sheep are a little off.

Lori Skoog said...

What a beautiful series of photos...your place is amazing.


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