Friday, January 4, 2008

Like I Don't Have Enough To Worry About

Iris, Tilly and I walked out this afternoon to see what 'the boys' were up to out back. Due to the past year's drought, our normal pastures are not going to take us through winter, nor are our hay reserves, which we started feeding months before we usually do. To supplement everyone's diet, I decided to open up the pond field during the day.

I had been putting this off because I knew that while native plants are pretty to look at, their seeds are not fun to pick out of fleeces. I hate to see any animal standing in mud though, which was probably going to happen before winter was over if we didn't do something, and no one ever goes hungry on this farm, so I opened the gate.

The Jacobs go out and eat in the morning, come back up to the barn for a nap and then head back out in the afternoon to eat some more. Ewenice, Ewen, Boudreaux and Buddy? They just eat pretty much all day long.

As I approached the frozen Frog Pond, I saw tracks on the snowy ice at the edge.

My first thought (as I am not used to thinking about sheep being out there) was deer. Then it hit me. Those were sheep clodhopper tracks. Now I've heard that wool will repel water, but I doubt it's going to help you if you fall through the soft ice. Thankfully it's warming up rapidly and that ice will be gone by tomorrow. Until then, back to the barn.

"I said get your butt back to the barn, Boudreaux!"

1 comment:

~Tonia~ said...

I am glad that no one fell in.

Looks like Boudreaux was just looking for a nice place to sit in the sun. ;)


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