Monday, October 8, 2007

"Smoke 'em if you got 'em"

We had a great time (other than the awful heat) at The Kentucky Wool Festival this past weekend. Things worked out so that I got to visit a little with almost everyone I had hoped to see again this year and even made some fun new friends. I know my little sheep all went to good homes, even the one that came back to visit me in a grocery sack after their cat got ahold of him ;-).

As a special treat (and necessary chore) for having survived the long weekend, I decided to visit my beehive and see if everyone was getting ready for winter. I'm still learning, so if I've labeled these pictures incorrectly or am missing something obvious to a more knowlegable beekeeper, I'm hoping someone will jump in and set me straight. Luckily my bees are very tolerant, as once again I could not get that stupid bee smoker going - if you look up slow learner in the dictionary, you'll probably find a picture of me. Thankfully not covered in bee stings.

Here are some hard working bees bringing in some bright orange pollen (their food source) they've gathered from the asters and goldenrods that are blooming right now.

Here is a look at one of the frames from the top hive body. See the honey stored on the top half? The golden arch in the lower half is brood (developing bees - eggs, larvae and pupae).

And this looks to me like some baby bees emerging from their cells (click the picture to view a larger image). Almost as cute as little lambs.


~Tonia~ said...

It was so good to see you again. Glad that the weekend went well. Did you sell all your fleece? If not I might have a home for it here. ;) I am still kicking myself for not getting Baby Belly's fleece.

I love to watch bees. They are so amazing.

Shelley said...

I'm afraid I'm one of those typical people who run screaming away from bees/wasps/stinging/biting things. Maybe it's because I don't know much about them...? They sure do interesting things. You'll have to work on my fear factor!

LunabudKnits said...

I am so envious! Darn it I have missed a whole heck of alot at knitty nights. I have had so much fun this morning catching up reading your blog.

BTW, I have a couple walmart sized bags stuffed with the alpaca fleeces. Just want you to know, I a not forgetting about that. I just haven't had time to make it to knitty night. I might try to send the fleece with Kim or someone:)

flipflops and wool socks said...

Hi, just wanted to let you know how much i appreciate your help it means so much to me thank you the wool fest was great but very hot!!!ilove your pictures they are one of a kind you see the small stuff that others miss, hope to see you soon


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